A tool that might show where we are heading in UI/UX design

“I have two kids and a dog, and I like modern style" – Planner 5D for interior design

One of the companies that caught my eyes is Planner 5D, a startup based in Lithuania that gives users a suite of simple tools to create 2D and 3D floor plans.

The Planner 5D team is currently developing Auto Furnishing, a tool that will take a floor plan, add input from the user (“I have two kids and a dog, and I like modern style,” for example), and create an algorithmically generated design scheme. This would, in essence, be a version of the interior design singularity—you really could tell a computer something vague like, “I want a south-facing living room that gracefully blends old and new” and get a rendering.

Similar technology is expected to appear on the market of User Interface Design tools. You will be able to add your requirements, then the software will design a variety of screens for you to start with – let's say in Figma. I can imagine typing the following in: "I need a iOS mobile app targeted for 18-35 year-olds, looking to work on weekends occasionally, living in Australia, with experience mostly in hospitality and retail. The screens I need are login, registration, search, search results display and profile pages."

Try the tool here or read the excellent analysis at the link below.