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AI Generated Typefaces

Generating new typefaces with Deep Learning

Read about a few fantastic examples of machine generated typefaces: the one on the picture is made by the Viennese Process Studio:

"The AIfont is a system that generates new typefaces. More precisely, it tries to mimic an actual typeface by creating visual output that resembles as one. Our system is using deep learning, a Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial Network (DCGAN) and a dataset consisting of more than 200 000 different fonts to come up with new ones."

See also a project by Daniel Wenzel – this font is being generated on the fly: it will look differently at every website visit. The typeface changes its shape according to the visitor's location and time of the day! Explore more here

Check out Nan Berlin's Machine Learning Font here

Jean Böhm created a font with StyleGAN:

"This is what a StyleGAN Network is capable of when trained with thousands of fonts!"

Further machine generated font projects by Jean: