From Data Scarcity to Data Abundance: AI as an Agent of Culture with Matias del Campo

In the rapidly developing field of AI in design, SPAN investigates technology not only as a tool but as an agent of culture

"In the rapidly developing field of artificial intelligence in design, the architectural practice SPAN, co-founded by Dr. Sandra Manninger and Dr. Matias del Campo, investigates technology not only as a tool but as an agent of culture.

SPAN has gained prominence in the field of advanced computational design and philosophy through projects such as the recently completed Robot Garden at Michigan Robotics, the first built project of its kind designed using Artificial Neural Networks. Their work ranges from installations to city planning, with a dedicated focus on researching the potentials of AI in architecture.

Through analysis of the architect’s process, SPAN is developing new design methodologies that learn from a human designer’s unique ability to recognize and understand data to develop creative solutions through a combination of past experience and pattern perception.

Data Aided Design spoke with Dr. del Campo, Associate Professor of Architecture at the Taubman College of Architecture and Director of the Architecture and Artificial Intelligence Lab at the University of Michigan, about the emergence of these digital tools and the impact these developing technologies have on the culture of design."