"Ocean waves hitting rocks on the beach"

GauGAN2 uses a deep learning model that turns a simple written sentence into a photorealistic image

Try out the demo to get the real experience

"A picture worth a thousand words now takes just three or four words to create, thanks to GauGAN2, the latest version of NVIDIA Research’s wildly popular AI painting demo.

The deep learning model behind GauGAN allows anyone to channel their imagination into photorealistic masterpieces — and it’s easier than ever. Simply type a phrase like “sunset at a beach” and AI generates the scene in real time. Add an additional adjective like “sunset at a rocky beach,” or swap “sunset” to “afternoon” or “rainy day” and the model, based on generative adversarial networks, instantly modifies the picture."

Launch the interactive demo and see for yourself: – After running the tutorial it will be relatively easy to generate beautiful landscapes purely by typing in text:


"foggy forest"

"snowy forest"