Work in progress

Content: new fields to be explored where AI and machine learning could help creators:

Generating music
Text, copy and content generation
Language – translation and analysis
Video and photography – search, manipulation and generation
Education – the whole sector needs a general reform – starting from primary schools through university – see the book "Between Brains" written by George A. Tilesch and Omar Hatamleh:
"It's the right time for an education reform: for centuries, teachers convey a message in the same way to every single student. In contrast, students intellectual abilities are completely different. As we move toward personalised healthcare, it is time to achieve personalised education as well. It is also important to educate independent, critically thinking adults. We don’t want to teach them how to memorise things, it has no future. If we have a five-year engineering degree by the time the student graduates, most of the things learned will be completely obsolete, precisely because technology is evolving so fast. Bridges of communication should be built between schools and industry so that the curriculum is always kept up to date.
In addition, people will need other skills in the future – so they also need people who are good at strategic thinking, emotional intelligence, who are creative, always learn, can change their careers, and are adept at things that are not repetitive. After all, the first jobs that machines will take away from people will be repetitive jobs." – source in Hungarian

Site features

Machine generated (GPT3) summaries of the articles – so you can quickly check whether you want to dig deep into a long, complex and technical case study

Machine generated summaries of long video recordings of talks and lectures. I am planning to use auto transcription services and create a summary of the text by another tool. Currently testing OpenAI, Resoomer and

Long term plan to write articles and explain all these complex (nerdy) AI stuff in Plain English – some of the topics and ideas in the videos and referenced articles could be explained in a much simpler ways (for example this article is could have been written in a way that everyone can understand). Looking at an OpenAI tool that could potentially summarise articles for a "2nd Grader".